Sefer HaMitzvot

Positive #6 - To Emulate Hashem's Ways

December 06, 2021 Adam Sabzevari Season 1 Episode 6
Sefer HaMitzvot
Positive #6 - To Emulate Hashem's Ways
Show Notes

In this episode, we learn positive mitzvah #6, which is to emulate Hashem's ways, or to walk in the ways of Hashem. 

How do we know what the attributes of God are? There are two groups:

  1. The Torah explicitly states several of God's attributes:
    • "Hashem is merciful" - this is referring to Hashem giving us the opportunity to repent and improve our actions, and ultimately forgiving us
    • "Hashem is compassionate" - Similar to being merciful, Hashem often delays punishments for an extended amount of time, sometimes even years, to give us plenty opportunities to improve
  2. We can learn Hashem's attributes from stories in the Torah (Talmud Bavli, Sotah 14a):
    • When Adam and Eve did not have clothing, Hashem provided clothing to them. Similarly, we should provide clothing, food, and money to those less fortunate
    • When Avraham was recovering after his circumcision, Hashem appeared to him. Similarly, we should visit the sick.
    • When Avraham passed away, Hashem appeared to Yitzchak his son, which was a form of consoling a mourner. Similarly, we should visit and console mourners.
    • When Moshe passed away, Hashem buried him. Similarly, we should bury people who passed away and do not have family to bury them.