Sefer HaMitzvot

Positive #32 - To Fast on Yom Kippur

February 08, 2022 Adam Sabzevari Season 1 Episode 31
Sefer HaMitzvot
Positive #32 - To Fast on Yom Kippur
Show Notes

In this episode, we learn positive mitzvah #32, which is to fast on the holiday of Yom Kippur.

  • This mitzvah applies to the 10th day of Tishrei (the seventh month of the year). 
  • The Torah states that we should "afflict" our souls on Yom Kippur. Our Sages interpret that to mean that we should fast, that is no food or drink.
  • There are four additional afflictions: 
    • No marital relations are forbidden
    • No wearing leather shoes
    • No washing or bathing
    • No anointing oneself with oils
  • It is a matter of dispute whether these four additional activities are prohibited at the same Torah level as fasting, or if they are Rabbinic enactments
  • Our Sages teach that by eating on the 9th day of Tishrei, one prepares for a successful fast, thus it will be considered as though he or she fasted for two days